How much depreciation do I get?

Depre123 has all the answers


A cloud based application to manage fixed assets and generate a variety of depreciation reports. Depre123
can run with or without salesforce on any desktop or mobile device. Get all of your depreciation answers based on
just 3 key values (cost, date, asset class) and then utilize the open design to add all necessary fixed asset

3 Simple Values Yield All Answers

Calculating Depreciation in the Cloud




Manage all of your fixed assets with a flexible browse feature


Utilize both pre-defined and user defined asset classes


Calculate depreciation for any period(s)


Pre-defined reports with many options



Support for associated schedules

  • IRSdepreciation calculations for filing federal tax return based on IRS regulations
  • Bookdepreciation calculations for internal accounting and financial reporting
  • AMTdepreciation calculations based on Alternative Minimum Tax rules
  • Statedepreciation calculations for any selected state based on state specific rules

Depreciation Calculator

Go ahead, try it now!

  • Enter 3 values:
    • Asset Cost
    • Acquisition Date
    • Asset Class
  • Select a schedule
  • Click calculate

The calculator is a great way to view the depreciation results for a handful assets. If you manage hundreds or thousands of fixed asset records then a trial of the full Depre123 application can demonstrate how to simplify this process.